Forest Glen Elementary

School of Spanish Immersion (District Wide)
Languages Unite

Phone: (317) 964-4900 | Attendance: (317) 964-4905

Staff Directory

* Denotes eCoach

Office Staff

Principal - Jerome Omar Lahlou (Contact Me) Bi-lingual
Assistant Principal - Jane Giles (Contact Me)
Administrative Assistant - Gillian Ising (Contact Me)
Treasurer/Administrative Assistant - Taty Alatorre (Contact Me) Bi-lingual
Nurse - Ciara Pino Caffee (Contact Me) Bi-lingual
Cafeteria Manager - Taylor Morrison (Contact Me)
Head Custodian - Clarence Clemons (Contact Me)
Before and After Care Site Leader - Maria (Lili) Naranjo (Contact Me) Bi-lingual

Special Areas

Art - Margarita Garcia (Contact Me) Bi-lingual
Latino Dance & Drama - Luis Oliva (Contact Me) Bi-lingual
Media Specialist - Angela Johnson (Contact Me)
Media Assistant - Roksana Garcia (Contact Me) Bi-lingual
Music - Mike McBride (Contact Me) Bi-lingual
Physical Education - Milton Crespo Rivera (Contact Me) Bi-lingual


Ashley Cannon (Contact Me) Bi-lingual
Walma Hernandez (Contact Me) Bi-lingual
Yaritza Montijo (Contact Me) Bi-lingual
Erin Oldson (Contact Me) Bi-lingual

Grade One

Sarah Benitez (Contact Me) Bi-lingual
Kelis Benitez (Contact Me) Bi-lingual
Chelsea Isley (Contact Me) Bi-lingual
Cynthia Kent (Contact Me) Bi-lingual

Grade Two

Reagan Hunt (Contact Me) Bi-lingual
Jennifer Perez (Contact Me) Bi-lingual
Pilar S├ínchez (Contact Me) Bi-lingual
Carmen Sanoguet (Contact Me) Bi-lingual

Grade Three

Moraima Alvarez (Contact Me) Bi-lingual
Lissett Mejia (Contact Me) Bi-lingual
Paola Ruiz (Contact Me) Bi-lingual
Tania Umpierre Ruiz (Contact Me) Bi-lingual

Grade Four

Solange Cortes (Contact Me) Bi-lingual
Karla Diuro (Contact Me) Bi-lingual
Susan Martin (Contact Me)
Denise Paramore (Contact Me)

Grade Five

Michelle Gallaway (Contact Me)
Aida Ferran (Contact Me) Bi-lingual
Jose Salerno (Contact Me)
Jessye Sowder (Contact Me)

Grade Six

Elizabeth Isonhood (Contact Me) Bi-lingual
Jennifer Pizarro (Contact Me) Bi-lingual
Mindy Miller * (Contact Me)
Arthur Richardson * (Contact Me)

School Resource Staff

Resource - Lorimar Rabell Torres (Contact Me) Bi-lingual
Speech & Language Therapist  - Rachel Troutman (Contact Me) Bi-lingual
Occupational Therapist  - Vickie Hussar (Contact Me)
Physical Therapist - Sylvia Brothers (Contact Me)
Regional Team Specialist - Mabel Ramos (Contact Me) Bi-lingual
Instructional Coach - Victoria Rhodes (Contact Me)