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October 21st, 2014
mask-(1).jpgHispanic Festival is a very special time of year for students, teachers and families at Forest Glen School of Spanish Immersion.  Each teacher in kindergarten through grade 6 chooses a country with a Latin flavor and research the country through social studies, visual arts, music, and Latin dance and drama classes.  Students learn about both ancient & modern cultures.  Making books, writing stories, learning dances and songs, and creating visual art works are part of the experience.   The culminating result is the Hispanic Festival Program where the students show off their dances and songs in an evening performance. 
Sixth grade students are learning about native dances that reflect the culture of the ancient and modern peoples.  The primary influence is that of the Mayan where animals play a very important role.  The entire sixth grade class will participate; two classes will perform the deer dance and the other two classes will perform as monkeys.    
In Mrs. Lefkovitz’s art class students looked at examples of ancient masks that are still contemporary.  These are people of the rain forest.  Each animal in the Rain forest is special and has a role to play.  Students built masks from found objects – tag board, bottle cap lids, straws, newsprint paper, masking tape & duct tape in beautiful colors.  The night of the performance, the dancers will wear their hand made masks with pride.   
Fifth graders are learning about the Taino Indians of Puerto Rico.  They are hardworking, indigenous people who were there when the new world was discovered by the Europeans.  In art class, students specifically looked at the rock writings that show a form of hieroglyphics.  Students saw actual examples of the Taino rock art on the Promethean board and then chose their own symbols to create personalized Taino rock art.  In some ways they resemble ancient tombstones. 
In one of the fifth grade art classes the students learned about the hot air balloon festival from the city of Igualada, Catalan, Spain.  The festival is an annual event, held every summer.  During the balloon festival the sky is full of beautiful colors from many European countries.  Students made their balloons from tag board & duct tape. 
One fourth grade class chose the island of Puerto Rico to research.  They are creating Puerto Rican dancers in art class.  The figures are made from tag board with separate arms and legs held together with brads so that the figures can be posed in dancing positions.  Native clothing to this culture will be added with paper, tissue paper and other details.  Both the boys and girls are learning how to costume figures and about the people from Puerto Rico. 
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