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    Teacher, Classified Staff, and Administrator of the Year for the 2017-2018 School Year
    May 26, 2018

    Congratulations to the MSD of Lawrence Township Teacher, Classified Staff, and Administrator of the year for the 2017-2018 school year!

    Pictured from left to right:
    Brigitte Gates, Classified Staff of the Year, Benefits Coordinator, Lawrence Education and Community Center
    Tamara Markey, Teacher of the Year, PLTW/Pre-Engineering Teacher, McKenzie Center for Innovation and Technology
    Rodger Smith, Susan Jordan Administrator of the Year, Executive Director of Operations, Lawrence Education and Community Center

    Below is the list of Teacher and Classified Staff person from each building:
    ELC-Amy Beverland Classified Emerald Mason Administrative Assistant
    ELC-Amy Beverland Teacher Mary Easley Preschool Teacher
    ELC-Brook Park Classified Linda White Instructional Assistant
    ELC-Brook Park Teacher Adrienne Sargent Kindergarten Teacher
    ELC-Mary Castle Classified Julie Spears Instructional Assistant
    ELC-Mary Castle Teacher Gabrielle Ayres Kindergarten Teacher
    ELC-Winding Ridge Classified Alison Smith Studio Instructor
    ELC-Winding Ridge Teacher Jessica Stewart Kindergarten Teacher
    Amy Beverland Classified Linda Bailey Nurse
    Amy Beverland Teacher Daviana James 2nd Grade Teacher
    Brook Park Classified Finda Fallah Mentor
    Brook Park Teacher M. November-James 4th Grade Teacher
    Crestview Classified Tammy Power Instructional Assistant
    Crestview Teacher Alison McClarnon 6th Grade Teacher
    Forest Glen Classified Hortensia Alatorre Treasurer
    Forest Glen Teacher Susan Martin 4th Grade Teacher
    Harrison Hill Classified Jana Carver Instructional Assistant
    Harrison Hill Teacher Lori Kirkland 3rd Grade Teacher
    Indian Creek Classified Nancy Stiehl Cafe Manager
    Indian Creek Teacher Jennifer Schlotter 2nd Grade Teacher
    Mary Castle Classified Tiffany Rooks Instructional Assistant
    Mary Castle Teacher JaMai Jones 5th Grade Teacher
    Oaklandon Classified Clarence Thompson Head Custodian
    Oaklandon Teacher Amy Reitz 6th Grade Teacher
    Sunnyside Classified C.Roldan Gonzalez Administrative Assistant
    Sunnyside Teacher Annette Shreves Technology Teacher
    Skiles Test Classified Mary Ann Pennington Treasurer
    Skiles Test Teacher Kristine Booth 1st Grade Teacher
    Winding Ridge Classified Lynn Forey Custodian
    Winding Ridge Teacher AshLeigh Gay 1st Grade Teacher
    Belzer Classified L. Benson-Heeter Registrar
    Belzer Teacher Heather Nieto Orchestra Teacher
    Fall Creek Valley Classified Eady Hisle Cafe Manager
    Fall Creek Valley Teacher Travis Owens Social Studies Teacher
    Lawrence Advance Academy Classified Marlon Bardo Home-School Advisor
    Lawrence Advance Teacher Effie Miller Social Studies Teacher
    Lawrence Central Classified George Brown Head Custodian
    Lawrence Central Teacher Jason Spear Instructional Intervention
    Lawrence North Classified Pearl McQueenie Treasurer
    Lawrence North Teacher Rachel Couch Social Studies Teacher
    McKenzie Classified Bridget Wharton Administrative Assistant
    McKenzie Teacher Tamara Markey PLTW Teacher
    Transportation Classified Jodi Forsythe Bus Driver/Trainer
    LECC Classified Brigitte Gates Benefits Coordinator

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