Spanish Immersion

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Forest Glen School of Spanish Immersion boasts the state of Indiana’s longest standing language immersion program.  Forest Glen first opened its doors as a Spanish Immersion school beginning in Kindergarten and first grade back in 1994.  Since then it has grown and expanded beyond the elementary school as students continue their Spanish Language development into middle and high school.  This very successful instructional model that Forest Glen has developed has been recognized at both the state and national levels (add awards).  It is also a collaborative partner with the Ministry of Education in Spain which allows for guest teachers and continued professional development to help teachers maintain high levels of rigor.

Forests Glens instructional model has a focus on content, language, and culture.  In grades K-2, students receive 80% of their instruction in Spanish and 20% in English.  In the target language, students receive instruction in Spanish Language Arts with emphasis on Science and Social Studies, and Mathematics.  In English, students focus on English Language Arts.  In 3rd grade, the model of instruction is the same, however the language allocation plan changes to 70% Spanish and 30% English as to prepare for the state assessments.  In grades 4, 5, and 6 the language allocation changes to 50% Spanish and 50% English.  Spanish Language Arts with a focus on Science and Social Studies is maintained throughout and English Language Arts and Mathematics are taught in English in these grade levels.  By the end of elementary school, students in the Immersion Program are able to speak, read and write in both Spanish and English.

At Forest Glen, all classroom teachers are fluent in the language of instruction.  In most cases, the classroom teacher is the dominant speaker of that language.  They are all highly certified and are able to share not only their language, but also their heritage culture in natural and authentic ways.  Forest Glen also offers Art, Dance and Drama, and PE in Spanish, while Music and Media are taught in English.  Forest Glen incorporates the arts and movement into many cultural experiences that are held throughout the year.

The Forest Glen enrichment model of instruction has resulted in the development of lifelong learners who are able to articulate themselves orally and in writing, and confident Mathematicians with a deep conceptual understanding of content, language, and culture.

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