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At Forest Glen, School of STEM Spanish Immersion, we strive to empower children with the bilingual, creative, intellectual, and decision-making skills necessary for students to become academically, socially and emotionally competent and responsible Global citizens. Our mission is to foster a culture of collaboration to create equitable instructional systems that cultivate compassionate, autonomous and problem solving bilingual ambassadors.

Our international, bilingual and diverse staff aspire to help develop well-rounded, optimistic, confident and open-minded bilingual students in their own identities who are able to make ethical decisions and celebrate our common human commonalities and differences applying what they learn into the real world.  We empower our students with strengthening their understanding of the complexities and unpredictabilities within global contexts through the mastery languages and world cultures, as they explore globally significant ideas and issues.

As the principal of Forest Glen, I am very excited about our commitment to Dual Spanish Immersion education and the integration of STEM in our school. It is with passion that we pioneer on equipping STEM-capable bilingual ambassadors to lead the workforce across the new economy that demands similar skills and beyond. Even for students not pursuing STEM-related careers, responsible citizenship today requires a foundation of solid STEM education; be it engaging in healthcare, understanding environmental stewardship, understanding current geopolitics, or explaining global opportunities and crises. Instilling scientific and technological leadership in students is essential to our economy, our national security, and our future.

FG’s STEM and PLTW integration model of reaching knowledge utilization level for all critical standards incorporating engineering, science, technology and math helps improve the pedagogical structure of increasing students’ autonomy and task complexity within each classroom. Students are exposed to the learning of languages in a student-centered environment with an emphasis on literacy and the integration of humanities and Hispanic literature to enrich our teaching and learning in the dual language program. All students participate in foundational programs introducing computer science and hands-on innovation. Students are given the opportunity to further deepen their STEM experiences with participation in extracurricular clubs including robotics. Our strong partnership with parents and community members is evident in our pedagogical innovation to prepare our students as bilingual and multicultural creators of their future. With pride, we claim that Forest Glen equips our students with the necessary tools to become problem-solvers and contributors to improve the future economy and life conditions on Earth.
With this in mind, we invite you to come visit Forest Glen Elementary School.  Whether you are a classroom volunteer, a member of the PFO, a special event participant, a member of one of our school community support teams, or a visitor you are welcome to visit our school and be part of our educational journey.

Omar Lahlou, Principal