Bienvenidos!  Welcome!  Forest Glen School of Spanish Immersion is the only elementary language immersion magnet program in the MSD Lawrence Township.  The goals of the language immersion program are:
  • To develop high levels of proficiency in the first and second language;
  • To prepare students for a globally-linked society through the study of Spanish language and culture;
  • To develop an appreciation, understanding and respect for other languages and cultures;
  • To perform at or above grade level in academic areas in both languages.
At Forest Glen, the teachers are fully proficient in the language they use for instruction, and in nearly all situations, are native speakers of that language.  Besides the language component, all students are involved in rich literacy and math instruction and project based learning in an environment that provides for a variety of learning opportunities.  All students also participate in a Hispanic Festival held each spring.  At this festival, students share their learning about the culture of various Spanish speaking countries that have been studied throughout the year.  The Hispanic Festival is a family event and is fun for everyone!

Omar Lahlou, Principal