Forest Glen School of Spanish Immersion

Magnet School of Excellence

Forest Glen School of Spanish Immersion is the oldest elementary language immersion magnet program in the MSD Lawrence Township. The Spanish Immersion program is designed for students who want to be challenged academically and are ready to be active in their learning. With our global focus, students develop an in-depth interest in world studies and geography as they make cross-cultural connections.

All cultures, races, and genders are recognized, taught, celebrated, and respected at Forest Glen. As comparisons and contrasts are learned and understood, a greater emphasis is placed on one another’s similarities as humans rather than on one another’s differences.

Forest Glen Excellence

  • Forest Glen is recognized as a model for successful Spanish Immersion programming in the state of Indiana
  • Forest Glen is a member of the International Spanish Academy and recognized by the Education Ministry of Spain
  • Magnet Schools of America has identified Forest
  • Glen as a national Magnet School of Distinction
  • Recognized as an “A” school by the Indiana
  • Department of Education